Chapter 16 - Widget Writing

This chapter, when complete, will describe three widgets, each one corresponding to one of the three widget types in Gtk+ -- composite, control, and container.

The control widget that I will develop, GtkSegment, is a 7-segment LED display widget. The composite widget, GtkTicker, is a horizontal ticker widget. I have yet to decide what I will do for a composite widget.

The following screen shot illustrates a sample appliction that uses the control and container widgets I developed. Each entry in the ticker consists of an icon, and a temperature. The color of the icon is largely irrelevant. The color of the temperature, however, indicates its status -- higher temperatures are critical (red), normal temperatures are shown in green, and temperatures approaching critical are displayed in yellow.

If you click on one of the hourglass-shaped icons, a dialog appears displaying information about the device as shown in the following example:

Click here for the source code and makefile (GtkSegment, GtkTicker, and the above example app).  Text for Chapter 16 will follow -- please check back.